Top 10 Unique Mobile Phone Cases and Covers

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Most people do not give much importance to design and looks while buying a mobile phone case, focusing more on the cover’s protective properties.

Although this is not necessarily a bad thing, people should also start looking at some of the more unique designs, as there are many mobile cases that are simply superb.

With a pretty huge catalogue of unique cases and covers for mobile phones, you can surely find the right mobile back cover that suits your taste and personal preference.

So toss your regular boring phone cover out the window and check out these ten unique mobile phone covers and cases.

Top 10 Unique Mobile Phone Cases and Covers:

1. Grovemade Solid maple wood case

grovemade wood mobile case

Although there are numerous wooden cases available in the market, this solid maple wood case by Grover made takes the cake, as it is simply spectacular.

Hand crafted out of solid maple hardwood (duh) with a vegetable-based oil finish, this phone case provides ample protection to your device while adding minimum bulk.

Considering the fact that it is handcrafted, the detailing on this case is excellent, with it having precise cut-outs for all the ports. Price: $99. You can purchase this case online HERE.


2. The Gresso ArtPhone Time Machine case

Gresso ArtPhone Time Machine mobile case

The Time Machine is a luxury mobile phone case by Gresso ArtPhone, a phone case manufacturing company that specialises in such designs.

Sporting the precise times of six places (New York, London, Paris, Moscow, Hong Kong and Tokyo), these classy handcrafted cases are for executives and businessmen, who constantly travel all over the world.

The Time Machine, however, comes with a hefty price tag as it is made up of precious metals. Price: $6000. You can buy this case HERE.


3. Tonefone iPhone case

tonefone mobile back cover

The Tonefone is the perfect case for Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook addicts, who want to build some muscle or tone their bodies.

This mobile back cover, designed by an enterprising fitness firm, is a very heavy case (weighing 1kg to 1.5k) shaped like a dumbbell.

The Tonefone, which is mostly made up of steel, is coated with rubber for additional grip so that you don’t drop your phone while making a call or working out. Price: $38 and $42 for the 1kg and the 1.5 kg models respectively. You can purchase this case HERE.


4. ION Zero Iridium Case

zero iridium phone case

The ION Zero Iridium Case is different compared to other metallic coated cases as it’s the world’s first hard coating iridium mobile phone cover.

While regular anodized cases interfere with the mobile phone’s reception, the ION Zero Iridium Case does not block any signal.

Made up of a new elastic polycarbonate plastic, this mobile case is ultra slim and does not add any additional bulk to the phone. Furthermore, this phone case is scratch resistant and comes with a moiré-free, anti-glare screen protector. Price: $4. You can buy this case online HERE.


5. Mini Delorean Case

mini delorean mobile case

This is a must own mobile case for people who loved the “Back to the Future” trilogy.

This  is a pretty cool case designed to look like the flying DeLorean (the time machine) used by Marty McFly “Back to the Future” trilogy.

Although the mobile back cover is quite bulky, there are several movable parts (fold-up wheels, sliding bonnet) so that you can access the camera and other ports and buttons on your device. Thais case is avaliable for the iPhone 6 and 6S. Price: $343. You can buy this case online HERE.


6. The EnerPlex Surfr Case

Enerplex surfr mobile case

EnerPlex Surfr is a solar and battery-powered smartphone case that helps extend the battery life of your smartphone.

This innovative cell phone case has a built-in battery, which can be charged via the supplied Micro USB cord or by its built-in CIGS solar panel. Although it takes a lot of time to charge the battery through the solar panel due to its small size (10 minutes of talk-time for each hour of sunlight), the case’s integrated 2,700 mAh battery charges pretty fast and gives 100% more external battery power to the device. Price: $79.99. You can purchase this case online HERE.


7. Projector Case

projector case

This is a pretty high tech case that has an actual built-in projector for watching movies, slideshows etc.

The mobile back cover, which is ultra-thin and portable, can project up to 100 minutes. In addition to its projection abilities, this phone case also charges your device. Price: $115.50. You can purchase this case online HERE.


8. Edible Gummy Case

This a pretty unique mobile phone case which can actually be eaten. The Edible Gummy Case, which is manufactured in South Korea, is completely digestible and come in eight different flavours including Kimchi, Fermented Apple and Pickled Berry.

So if you are hungry when there is no food around simply start eating your phone cover. Price: $12.99. You can purchase this cover online HERE.


9. Flip Phone Case 

flip mobile back cover

If you are someone who prefers a flip phone over an iPhone, but still have been forced to used one, then this is the right mobile back cover for you.

This phone case will simply make your smartphone look like a flip phone. This cell phone case isn’t simply a prop as you can actually make and receive calls using this case (the flip top actually works as a speaker).

Apart from its looks, this phone case will also protect your phone from bumps and scratches. Price $10. You can purchase this mobile cover online HERE.


10. The Batmobile Phone Case

Batmobile phone case

This is probably one of the coolest mobile phone cases available in the market as the phone case is designed to look like the Batmobile (The Tumbler) from Christopher Nolan’s Batman series.

Despite the mobile back cover being pretty bulky (which makes it even cooler), it is adjustable and you can move different parts of the tumbler to access your camera and other ports.

Furthermore, this mobile case also emits the actual Bat signal for times when you need the Batman. Price: $153.18. You can buy this case online HERE.

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