Ten Bizarre Mobile Phone Cases and Covers

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With the market being flooded with all kinds of mobile back covers imaginable, cell phone case manufacturers are under constant pressure to create the next unique attention-grabbing design.While sometimes they come up with some absolutely brilliant designs, other times it’s just the opposite. However, as each person has his/her own personal tastes, some might find a bizarre design and vice versa.

So check out these 10 mobile back covers and decide for yourself whether it’s brilliant or bizarre.

Bizarre Mobile Phone Cases and Covers

10. iMeshi Delicious Ice Cream Stick Case

imeshi mobile cases

If you are very fond of ice cream and can’t stand a second without looking at it then this is the right mobile cover for you. This cell phone cover actually has an ice-lolly attached to it at the rear end.

This iMeshi design is available in two different designs, “crunch” and “soda”. This phone case definitely falls in the bizarre category. Price: $40.20 (excluding shipping).


9. Thumbs Up UK Pill Case 

ipill mobile case

This design makes your iPhone 5s/5 look like a medicine strip. This particular mobile back cover is only available in a single design. Price: $4.93 (excluding shipping).


8. Vintage Camera Phone Case

vintage camera iphone case

This innovative mobile phone case design makes your iPhone 6 look like a vintage camera. This mobile design is available in a slim case as well as a tough case. Price: Slim case – $35; tough case: $38.


7. Prince Charles Orange Ear Case Cover 

orange ear case iphone 4/4s

This is an absolutely hilarious mobile phone case which is designed to look like an extra-large ear. Made out of durable silicone rubber, this mobile phone is perfect for people who like to get a laugh.


6. Fried Rice Case

fried rice mobile case

Are you a fan of fried rice? If you are, then this is the perfect mobile back cover for you. Made up of durable silicone rubber, this mobile phone case is designed to look like a portion of shrimp fried rice. It looks so realistic that people may end up taking a bite out of your phone. Price: $15.99.


5. Cassette Tape iPhone 5/5s Case

cassette tape iphone case

If you are “old skool” and still prefer cassette tapes over cd’s and iPods then this is the right mobile case for you. This mobile case is designed to look exactly like a cassette tape. Furthermore, you can customise this design by adding your own colours and text. Price: $42.20.


4. BONAMART Hot Credit Card Soft Silicone Rubber Skin Case 

bonamart credit card rubber skin case

This cell phone case for Apple iPhone 4s 4G is designed to look like a credit card. The mobile case which comes in a Soft Silicone Rubber Skin is the perfect phone cover for a person who likes jokes. Price: $2.38.


3. Slipper Design Silicone Case 

slipper design silicone case

This is the perfect mobile back cover for all the ladies, who love their Jimmy Choo’s and Christian Louboutin’s. This phone cover, which is designed to look like women’s sandal, is available in rose red. Price: $10.89.


2. iZERCASE Colourful Watercolor Set case

izercase watercolour mobile case

This is the perfect mobile case for all the artists and painters out there. This phone case, which is made up of high-quality silicone rubber, is designed to look like a paint palette along with the brush. It is so realistic that some of your friends may ask you to paint them a quick portrait. Price: $15.95.


1. 80s Retro Case 80sretrophonecaseThis phone cover lets you transform your iPhone 3GS and 4 into an iconic cell phone model of the 1980’s. Apart from providing protection and a retro tinge to your iPhone, this mobile back cover also works as a horizontal stand for your handset. Price: $7.95 (+ $8.61 shipping).

Dokkiri Hand Case


This is a pretty creepy mobile back cover especially if you have seen the Saw series as the mobile phone case has an actual hand (a rubber model) stuck to it. I don’t know what the designers were thinking but if you are a fan of the thing (from The Adam’s family) then this is the right mobile phone cover for you. Price: $64.

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