Top 10 Rugged Cases For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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Taking into account the current price of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (around $700 – $800), you would probably get a coronary if the device slips from your hand and breaks.

The Samsung S7 edge is indeed a marvellous smartphone with many features including the latest dual pixel technology and wireless charging. However, the Samsung S7 edge is infamous for being quite slippery and once the device falls, it is likely to sustain considerable damage.

As a result, investing in a Samsung S7 edge cover is a must if you don’t want to spend your time worrying. Although there are numerous phone back covers, cases and skins available for the Samsung S7 Galaxy Edge, the best way to ensure the device’s safety is to invest in a rugged case.

So in this article, we will be looking at the ten best rugged cases for the Samsung S7 edge.


Griffin Survivor Journey case

Griffin Survivor Journey case

The Griffin Survivor Journey case has been tested to meet or exceed Military Standard 810G 516.6 standards. This means that your Galaxy S7 edge will sustain no damages even if you drop it on concrete from a height of 2 metres (6.6 feet).

Despite being rugged, this phone case is not very bulky compared to other mobile covers of similar build. The only downside to this phone case is that the device’s curved edges screen remains a bit exposed and you have to pay extra for a screen guard. Price: $29.99. You can purchase this case online HERE.


Otterbox Defender caseOtter Defender cases

The toughest Galaxy S7 edge case manufactured by Otter, Defender cases can protect your device from the harshest impacts.

These mobile cases are made up of four layers: a screen cover, foam buffer, inner shell and outer slipcover. Defender cases, which have undergone 24 different Otterbox tests, exceed the US Military toughness requirements.

So if you have this phone case then your Galaxy S7 edge is fully protected. Price: $49.99 – $59.99. You can purchase this case online HERE.


Spigen Tough Armor case

spigen tough armor case

The Tough Armor case by Spigen meets the MIL-STD 810G 516.6 standards (military drop test requirement). This means that the phone case will be able to protect the device from  4 feet (1.2 meters) drops.

Despite its ruggedness, the case allows smooth access to all the phone’s ports. The Spigen Tough Armor case for the S7 edge, which looks very groovy, has a built-in kickstand and is available in three colours: black, champagne gold, and gunmetal. Price: $34.99. You can purchase this case online HERE.


Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Series 

Unicorn Beetle Pro Series case

Despite being a rough and tough case, the Unicorn Beetle Pro Series case from Supcase has a fairly elegant look.

The mobile case, which also meet the military drop test requirements, has its own rotating belt clip holster. Unlike other rugged cases, this cover is available in a wide range of groovy colours. Price: $13.99. You can purchase this case online HERE.


Urban Armor Gear Case

Urban Armor Gear

This is another phone case that meets all the military drop-test requirements, meaning it can protect the device from most kind of damages.

The case has a rugged yet pleasant design, featuring a raised, rubberized area on the front in order to safeguard the touchscreen of the S7 edge.

The only downside of this mobile case is that it does not come with a screen protector. Price: $34.95. You can purchase this case online HERE.


Vena vArmor case

Vena vArmor case

The Vena vArmor case for Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is the cheapest cover on this list. However, despite its low price, Vena vArmor case, which is made in Korea, still manages to provide decent protection to the device owing to its robust dual-layer design. Price: $9.99. You can purchase this case online HERE.


Speck Candyshell Grip

Speck Candyshell Grip

Speck’s Candyshell Grip comes in a groovier design compared to other rugged phone cases.

The case is well known for its military-grade drop protection, patented one-piece, multi-layer design, patented raised bezel screen protection, precision-engineered slim fit, perimeter port and camera protection, lab-tested durability and responsive button protection.

The Candyshell Grip case is available in white, black, teal, and purple. Price: $34.95. You can purchase this case online HERE.


Ballistic Tough Jacket

Ballistic Tough Jacket

Although this case isn’t the best in terms of look, the Ballistic Tough Jacket is a pretty resilient cover that provides complete protection to your device.

Designed by Ballistic Labs using the most durable materials, this case can protect your device from six-foot drops. Its raised lips and corners ensure the protection of the touch screen.

The Phone case has been designed to perfectly fit your smartphone with precise cut-outs for camera, buttons, and other ports. Ballistic also offers a lifetime warranty for this product. Price: $34.99. You can purchase this case online HERE.


Pelican Voyager

Pelican Voyager

Pelican’s Voyager case or mobile back cover is a slim stylish mobile case that offers military-spec protection to your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Made up of impact absorbing materials (elastomer inside a rigid polycarbonate shell), this case has a shock-absorbing rubber inner lining and a rigid, impact-resistant outer shell.

This case also comes with a belt holster with a rotating belt clip and a scratch resistant coated screen protector. Pelican offers its legendary “you break it, we replace it Forever” warranty on this product. Price: $50.00. You can purchase this case online HERE.


Trident Kraken A.M.S

Trident Kraken Phone Case

As the name suggests (a legendary indestructible sea monster), Trident’s Kraken A.M.S is “the” rugged case for your device.

Made up of thick layers of hardened polycarbonate and shock-absorbing silicone, this case protects your device from all accidents. The Kraken A.M.S also comes with a built-in screen guard, a detachable kickstand and a belt clip. There are also high-quality dust filters over the microphone & speaker bays. Price: $49.99. You can purchase this case online HERE.

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