Different Plastics used in the Manufacture of Mobile Phone Covers

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Plastic is the generic name for a wide range of synthetic or semi-synthetic compounds that are used in almost everything today.

Due to plastic being relatively inexpensive and easy to produce they have replaced other traditional materials (wood, stone, horn, bone, leather, metal, glass, and ceramic) in the manufacture of many products including bottles, furniture, bags, toys, food containers and mobile phone covers.

There are essentially three types of plastic phone cases. These are soft plastic cases, hard plastic cases, and hybrid cases. In this article, we will be looking at the three different types of plastic cases and discussing the pros and cons of each material.

Hard Plastic Cases 

Hard plastic phone cases are either made up of polycarbonate, hard polyurethane or polypropylene.

Polycarbonate material is the strongest amongst the three, with this material being used in the manufacture of items like spectacle glasses, bulletproof windows and compact disks. 

Polyurethane, on the other hand, is not as strong as polycarbonate plastic and is usually used in the production of packaging materials, furniture and car seats.

Lastly, polypropylene plastic is the most commonly available hard plastic. It is used in the manufacture of candy boxes, containers, bottles, laboratory equipment and textiles.

Hard Plastic Cases
Hard plastic cases are available in a wide range of colours

Most people go for hard plastic mobile covers as they are quite attractive as well as inexpensive. Photos and designs can easily be printed on hard plastic cases, and they can also be decorated with additional adornments such as stickers, rhinestones and pearls.

Furthermore, almost all hard plastic mobile phone cases are designed to be waterproof and dustproof. So if you like to get wet in the rain, this may well be the right case for you.

On the downside, hard plastic cell phone cases do not provide much protection to the phone as they are most likely to break in the event of a hard fall. Hard plastic cases are also pretty difficult to grip due to their surface being smooth. Finally, hard plastic cases are bad for the environment as they are not biodegradable.

Soft Plastic Cases 

Soft plastic mobile phone cases are either made up of regular polyurethane and thermoplastic polyurethane.

Soft or regular polyurethane is generally used in the manufacture of varnish, foam and footwear. Thermoplastic polyurethane, on the other hand, is used in the manufacture of sporting goods, wire and cable coatings, flexible tubing and drive belts.

Both these soft plastics are strong and elastic so it provides better protection to your phone compared to hard plastics. Soft plastics covers are also easier to grip than hard plastic cases. Due to soft plastic mobile covers being flexible, it is easier to slip them on and off on your smartphone.

Soft Plastic Cases
Soft plastic cases come in a wide range of attractive designs.

Soft plastic mobile phone cases are also generally quite attractive, available in a variety of colours and designs. They usually have patterns moulded into them, although designs can also be easily printed on them. Lastly, most soft plastic mobile phone cases are usually pretty affordable.

However, on the downside, soft plastic cell phone cases are prone to tears especially when they come in contact with sharp objects such as knives and keys. Some people also do not like the greasy feel of a soft plastic cover. As soft plastic cases slip off easily, your phone is prone to accidental drops.

Hybrid Cases 

A hybrid mobile phone cover is made up of both hard and soft plastic. A hybrid mobile phone case usually has two or three layers (depending on the manufacturer).

Firstly, there is an inner layer made up of soft plastic, which acts as a cushion to prevent phone damage from drops. The outer layer is made up of hard plastic to make the case more durable. There is sometimes an additional layer of soft plastic for added protection.

Hybrid plastic is one of the strongest materials available and due to this reason your phone is fully protected, even if you are in the habit of constantly dropping your phone.

Hybrid Plastic Cases
Hybrid cases are made up of both hard and soft plastics.

Hybrid plastic cases also usually come with a built in a kickstand, which is useful when you watch a movie or video chat. These cases also provide an excellent grip so the chances of your phone slipping from your hands are minimal.

However, the biggest problem of hybrid phone cases is that they are pretty heavy and bulky. Although the additional bulk is useful in providing extra protection to your smartphone, the case does make it hard for your cell phone to fit in your pocket.

Furthermore, hybrid cases often come in dull, uninteresting colours and designs. Hybrid mobile phone cases are also more expensive compared to hard and soft plastic cases.

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