Why you Should Invest in a Multi-Functional Smartphone Case

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When the mobile phone initially came out, it was a just a device used for making and receiving calls while you were away (from home and work).

Soon after, mobile phones introduced texting (much to the displeasure of pager manufacturers), then a camera, then a music player, then the internet….the list goes on. Now mobile phones are so technologically advanced that a person can do almost everything using just a smartphone. You can probably compare the smartphone with a wand in the Harry Potter universe.

Like mobile phones, cases and covers have also come a long way, with many providing much more than just protection. Earlier, a mobile phone case was just used to protect the device from scratches and minor damages.

A battery case for iPhone 6


Today, however, cases do a lot more than that, with some offering some solid protection to your device, while others coming with many additional features like an extra battery, lens.

Although mono-functional covers (with no additional functionality) are still being used hordes of people, multi-functional cases are also steadily gaining popularity.

This is because; these cases are making things more convenient for people. Think about it yourself; wouldn’t you rather invest in a mobile phone case that has the functionality of ten regular cases? Although these multi-functional cases will obviously be a little expensive, it will be totally worth it.


Different Mono-Functional Cases


As mentioned earlier, smartphone cases are offering much more than protection these days, and the most common mono-function cover is probably the battery case.

Battery cases, as the name indicates, are covers that come with an additional battery. These cases are especially useful if you travel a lot and get less time to charge your phone. Some popular mobile phone accessories manufacturers that sell battery cases are Mophie, Lenmar Maven, Anker, Power skin, Unu Dx, i-blaison.

There are also a lot of cases that provide your smartphone with different lenses so that you can take better quality pictures and videos. Additional lenses let you capture close up photos (macro), deliver expansive landscapes or scenes photos and  (wide-angle) 180-degree field of view photos (fisheye) to name a few.


A photo printing case


Another popular mono-functional case is the Prynt Case that transforms your smartphone into a Polaroid camera. This case contains a small printer that allows you to develop pictures instantly.

Smartphone cases that provide the phone with second screens are also pretty popular as users can access the phone without even opening the case.

Speaker cases are also a hit with the crowd as these covers act as mini speakers for amplifying calls, music, videos etc.


i-BLADES Smartcase


All these mono-functional smartphone cases sound good, right? However, you may end up carrying up to ten different mono-functional cases if you want all the additional functionality.

Wouldn’t it be simply wonderful if all these added functionalities were in a single mobile phone case? If you are thinking that it will take case designers another 5-10 years to develop such a case then you are wrong as i-BLADES has already come up with such a cover.

The i-BLADES Smartcase is a unique modular phone case that allows you the potential to add all these extra functions in a simple and elegant way. The Smartcase has different ultra slimline blades (called Smartblades) that can be easily attached and detached to the device.


Each Smartblade has its own functionality. So if you want to expand your phone’s memory, boost its battery, amplify the sound, you simply attach a Smartblade to the case.

Although the functionality of the Smartcase is currently somewhat limited, iBlades have confirmed that they will be adding new smart capabilities like air quality monitoring, mobile entertainment, camera lens in the future.




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