All you Need to Know About Metal Mobile Phone Cases

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Metal Mobile Phone cases are the popular material for making mobile phone covers along with silicone rubber, plastic, carbon fibre and leather.

Although every material has its own unique appeal, metal mobile phone cases are for those who like elegance, luxury and a high-end design.

Humans have used different types of materials for a variety of applications ever since the dawn of the Bronze Age (3300–2100 BCE).

While the discovery of plastic and other synthetic materials have greatly reduced our dependence on metal, it is still used in numerous applications.


Types of Metal and Alloys Used

Metal Cases

Although numerous types of metals and alloys are used in the manufacture of cell phone cases, lightweight aluminium is usually preferred. This is because aluminium is strong and weighs less, making it the right metal for mobile phone covers.

Other materials used in the mobile case industry have their own pros and cons in terms of weight, bulk, durability, feel and corrosion. Most metals used for manufacturing cell phone cases covers designs are generally further reinforced using different processes (including Microarc oxidation or plasma electrolytic oxidation) to make them tougher and more resistant to damage.

Liquid metal, a lightweight alloy, is another popular metal used in the cell phone case industry. It displays many good properties – high tensile strength, excellent durability and terrific resistance to corrosion – due to it being made from different sized atoms.

Titanium alloys is another metal used in the manufacture of mobile phone cases. They are usually known for their excellent strength to weight ratio and lustrous appearance.



Designs Metal iPhone Cases


Due to the rigid form of most metals, cases made from this material are usually designed to be permanent (the cover does not need be removed regularly). All metal phone covers have cut-outs for cameras, speakers and other features.

One of the most popular metal covers is the clamshell case, where both the front and the rear end of the phone are covered. The front portion of the case can be slid to access the touch screen. The clamshell design provides the phone with more protection from impacts (resulting from drops), as the phone is fully enclosed within the cover.

Clamshell cover

Others metal designs are similar to that of silicone, leather and plastic cases, which surround the rear end and the edges of the phone, leaving the touchscreen free (or in some metal cases, the screen is covered with a transparent plastic film or tempered glass).

Most metal cases of mobiles are designed to be quite bulky. So if you are looking for something lighter, you can go for the ultra-thin or the super slim designs.


color gadgets metal cases


Earlier metal cell phone cases were only available in monochrome colours such as black, silver, gold and grey. However, this is now changing as metal cell phone cases are now available in a wide variety of colours including red, blue, pink, purple, yellow, green, purple and cyan.

Metal cell phone cases with different designs, patterns and pictures are also available.


The prices of metal mobile phone covers vary depending on a number of factors including the quality of the metal or alloy, durability and design. The most expensive mobile cases (aka premium cases) are made up of special alloys designed to be durable, corrosion resistant and lightweight.

Cheaper metal cell phone covers are also available, but these are not as durable as the premium cases. Slimline metal cases are more popular among people, as these mobile phone covers are light and look good on both professional and personal cell phones. Furthermore, slimline covers are reasonably priced so almost everyone can afford these cases.

Pros and Cons of Metal Cases

iPhone White metal cases

Most people go for metal covers and cases as it provides complete protection to the device.

Metal is more durable and shock resistant that any other material (silicone rubber, leather, glass and plastic) used in the manufacture of mobile phone covers. Metal cell phone cases also look quite classy and elegant compared to other materials.

While metal designer cell phone cases provide excellent protection, they also add extra weight and bulk to the device. Even lightweight metal cases are heavy compared to mobile covers made from other materials. However, this problem seems to be gradually decreasing as designers are coming up with lighter alloys to make mobile phone cases.

Some metal smartphone covers may also interfere with the phone’s signal by weakening reception. Other metal cases may decrease the phone’s battery life due to heating.

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