Hard Mobile Phone Cases vs Soft Mobile Phone Cases

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A Mobile Phone Case is essential for your Mobile Phone, be it for protection, maintaining the value of your phone, making your phone more attractive among other things.



However, with the amount of Cell Phone Cases coming out into the market, a new debate has risen, which is what kind of Mobile Cases are better.

Is it Hard Mobile Phone Cases or Soft Mobile Phone Cases?


Hard Mobile Cases



Hard Mobile Cases may be made up of Hard Plastic, Metal, Wood and other non-flexible, strong materials.

These Phone Cases are sturdy on the outside, but, they can do more harm in the long run than help the phone. They are also less flexible, which again will end up causing damage.

Hard Mobile Phone Cases are a suitable choice for those who regularly change their phones as they are cheap.

Hard Mobile Phone Cases are more colourful and can be available in a range of designs and styles, and are more attractive in comparison to Soft Cases.

Hard Mobile Cases have chances of dust entering and settling in through hard cases that could be very difficult to clean later.

When charging the Mobile Phone, Hard Mobile Cases could cause heat to be trapped, which in turn can cause overheating in the phone that could damage the battery over the long run.


Soft Mobile Cases

Soft Mobile Cover

Soft Mobile Cases comprise of Silicone, Rubber and Leather Cases.

Even though Soft Mobile Phone Cases appear soft on the outside, they cushion the inside of the phone as well. This helps the Phone Case to absorb shock when dropped or on impact.

Soft Mobile Cases will not scratch or cause damages to the insides of your phone.

Soft Mobile Phone Cases may be overly bulky and could be hard to fit into your pockets at times or can be too heavy.

When it comes to leather cases or printed rubber cases, a minor scratch could ruin the appearance of the phone cover.

While the Soft Cases have a lot of advantages, they are quite normal or plain looking. The Silicone Cases are transparent.


The Best Case

Soft Mobile Cases

The debate between Hard Mobile Cases and Soft Mobile Cases has been going on for a long while. The ideal case would be a case with a soft inner shell provides hard cover on the outside.

The Soft Inner Shell cushions the impact of the fall and avoids the inner part of the phone from getting damaged.

The Hard Outer Cover will prevent the phone from any external damage and could sport a design too, although these design could get duller or peel off in time.

Best Mobile Case

Semi Hard / Semi-Soft Mobile Cases like Poly Carbonate Cases or Carbon Fibre are making their way to the market now. They are quite sturdy and can also protect the phone from damage, offering overall protection.


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