Top 10 Book-Themed Mobile Phone Cases

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Mobile back covers and cases are now coming in every colour, design and style imaginable.

While most of us end up buying generic phone covers, some look for something different or unique so that their phones can stand out from the rest.

There are different kinds of unique mobile phone covers available in the market ranging from bizarre to brilliant (the definition of bizarre and brilliant obviously varies from person to person).

In this article, we will be looking at top nine book-themed cases, phone back covers and decals for different smartphones.

All of us (who still like to read books) have our own favourite books, and I don’t have to tell you how cool it would be to sport the cover (or an extract) of our favourite book on our smartphones.

So without further ado, check out these top ten book-themed mobile phone cases, covers and decals.


Romeo and Juliet Prologue Smartphone Book Case


William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is probably one of the most popular love stories to have been ever written.

Despite being written in the Elizabethan era, this epic story of romance still lives on in the hearts of many. So if you are a fan of this book (which is actually a play), you will love this mobile case, designed and manufactured by Caseful Studios.

This groovy case, which is available for iPhone 4/4S, and Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5, features a passage from the prologue of Romeo and Juliet, highlighting the quote “A pair of star crossed lovers take their life.”


Out of Print “A Clockwork Orange” Case


Most of us instantly recall the movie when we hear the name “A Clockwork Orange.” However, many don’t know that “A Clockwork Orange” was based on a novel of the same name by Anthony Burgess.

Whether you have read the book or not, you will love this phone back cover if, you are a fan of the movie. The case, which has a smooth, matte finish, features the iconic book cover art of “A Clockwork Orange.”


Chic-Lit Designs Sherlock Holmes


Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is one of the most popular characters in the world of fiction.

All of us who have read Sherlock Holmes were fascinated by his quick wit, attention to detail and personality. So if you liked reading Sherlock Holmes stories, you will love this handmade leather case modelled to resemble a classic Sherlock Holmes book.

This case, which also has an inside compartment for holding credit cards and cash, is available for the iPhone, 6S/6, 6S/6 Plus, 5S/5, 5C, and 4.


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz CaseThe-Wonderful-Wizard-of-Oz-iPhone-Case

Despite The Wonderful Wizard of Oz being a children’s book, it is widely regarded as a classic, having much deeper connotations.

This case, which is sleek and light due to it being made up impact resistant, flexible plastic, features the classic cover art of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

This phone case is available for iPhone 3/4/5, Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5, Motorola Razr, and HTC Vivid.


George Orwell’s Animal Farm CaseGeorg-Orwell-Animal-Farm-Case-for-iPhone-4-and-4S (1)

George Orwell’s Animal Farm is another classic that narrates the history of Soviet Russia (starting from the Russian revolution) through animals.

This durable hard shell plastic case features the original cover art of Animal Farm, which is printed onto a hard-wearing canvas. This case is only available for iPhone 4/4S


Alice in Wonderland Smartphone Case


Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll is probably the most popular fantasy tale in the world, with almost everyone being familiar with this story.

This case, which is made up of impact resistant, flexible plastic shell, showcases the original book illustration and a quote from Alice in Wonderland. This case is available for iPhone 3/4/5, Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5, Motorola Razr, and HTC Vivid.


Papyrus Crafts Victorian Steampunk Case


This leather mobile phone case features a classic Victorian-style steampunk design with analog clock gears pendants.

Although all these phone cases, which are handmade in England, look identical, they are unique (like fingerprints), due to each being crafted from a different skin of leather.

These mobile cases, which come in Black, White, and Red, are only available for iPhone 6S/6 and 6S/6 Plus.


Harry Potter Marauder’s Map


You will simply love this case if you are a Potterhead! Although Potterheads will already know what the Marauder’s Map is, let me explain it anyway.

The Marauder’s Map is one of Harry’s most treasured items in the Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling. First introduced in the third book (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban), the Marauder’s Map is a detailed magical map of Hogwarts, which also shows the location of people within the grounds.

This hand-crafted leather case, which is made up of faux suede and soft PU leather, features the outer cover of the Marauder’s Map (shown in the Harry Potter movie series).

This case, which also acts as a wallet, is only available for the iPhone 5/5S and iPhone SE.


Eco-Fused Vintage Classic Book Case

Encyclopedia caseAlthough an Encyclopedia is not really anyone’s favourite book, you may still end up liking this mobile phone case.

This case, which is made up of faux leather, is designed to look like one of those classic Encyclopedias we all (the older generation) grew up reading before Wikipedia existed.

This phone case, which can also be used as a wallet, comes equipped with a stylus (I know no one uses a stylus anymore) and a microfiber cleaning cloth. This case is available for the iPhone 6S Plus and 6 Plus and iPhone SE/5S/5.

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